Tutorials Softimage XSI - Part 1


MODELING: Selection, Manipulation, Components, General Modeling, Modifiers and Deformers,
Surfaces and Curves, Object Tools

TEXTURING: Materials and Textures, Texture and Layer Editor.

ANIMATION: Animation Structures, Transformations, Animation Mixing, Sources and Clips, hape Animation (morphing), Working with Audio, Constraints, Skeletons and IK Solvers, Enveloping (skinning), Character Rigs, Character Development Kit, Animating Deformations, Setups.

SIMULATION: Rigid Body Dynamics, Rigid Body Dynamics Concepts, Rigid Body Dynamics Examples, Hair Concepts & Workflow, Hair Examples, Hair Optimizationm, Particle Introduction,
Particle Concepts, Particle Examples.

RENDERING: Render Tree Basics, Render Tree Techniques, Creating Effects with the Gradient Shader, Elliptical Filtering, Bump Mapping, Lighting, Final Gathering, Render Passes Explained,
Render Passes in Use, Antialiasing and Adaptive Sampling, Motion Blur, BSP Tree, Rendermap: Concept and Examples, Rendermap: Extracting Normal Maps, Rendermap: High Resolution Maps, Displacement Maps.

XSI 6 - PDF english - japanese

Edharriss Tutorials Collection

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